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Licensed Companions ONE

At Choi Academy & Agency, we believe in the best. We believe in giving our customers only the very best; thus we train our boys and girls to be the best. They are cultivated to be all-rounded, excelling in all aspects of life – academically, socially, aesthetically, in sports and games, and in activities of the bedroom. Through perfecting a match between them and our customers, we give our boys and girls an opportunity to shower love and concern. We ensure that you will find someone who can be a friend, a companion, and a lover.

yunho/jaejoong; yoochun/junsu; hankyung/heechul.
in this part - hankyung/jaejoong/yoochun.
romance, fluff, crack, smut.
overall NC17 for smut.

author's note - Alright, the fic is like this. There is NO YunJae, YooSu or HanChul for the first three to four chapters, after that, the actual pairings will start to come out. For now, just revel in the KyungJaeChun, alright? ((: Training days. (:



Hankyung stood gingerly in the large room, weight shifting from foot to foot as he waited for ‘The Boss’. He didn’t exactly know what to expect, though, since he had already gone through quite some surprises from the time when he had gotten here. He had expected Choi Academy & Agency to be situated in the heart of the Business District, a brightly lit contemporary office with secretaries and office workers running around from area to area.

Instead, when Hankyung arrived at the address on the pamphlet he had been given, a grand mansion stood before him, surrounded by tall stone fences. And he had wondered if he was at the correct place, had asked the taxi driver if this was the right address, and had been told that yes, this was the place for Choi Academy & Agency. So Hankyung had stepped in, seeking the owner of this place, and they had brought him to this room.

The enormous room had ceiling-to-floor mahogany bookshelves aligning three walls, books of almost every kind available on those shelves. They were neatly organized, labels for each genre of book apparent on the bookshelves that held them. There was also a full length window, stretching from one end of the wall to the other, and from the ceiling to the carpeted floor as well. Hankyung was standing with his back to the window, facing the large table that was set in the room.

He almost jumped when the door opened, a tall figure stepping into the room and taking his seat behind the table. This man, whom Hankyung concluded was ‘The Boss’, hooked a finger at him, inviting him to come closer to the table. Hankyung ambled towards the table, and when instructed to take a seat, did so.

“So, you’re the newbie who wants to train?” the man enquired, his deep voice reverberating throughout the study. Hankyung meekly nodded, slightly afraid, yet curious as to this man’s personality and way of work. The man tilted his head to the side, intently studying Hankyung, before giving a light nod, “You’re good-looking. Now, tell me about yourself.”

Hankyung opened his mouth, introducing himself. “I’m Hankyung, 18 years old. I just graduated from high school,” he uttered, gazing at The Boss to catch his reaction.

The Boss smiled, then urged him to continue, “Why do you want to enroll into Choi Academy?”

“Umm…” he pondered, trying to put his racing thoughts into proper words and sentences, “I want to try something different. I want to change my lifestyle. I want to learn how to love, how to care for someone properly.” Grinning, he added, “I also heard that you give scholarships, and I would very much like to further my schooling in the best University in the country.”

“What are you good at?”

This question hit the nail on the head, the answers coming out in a flash, “I do well in Science, especially Biology. I would very much like to specialize in Pathology, if that is possible. I love to do laboratory work and study about the human body and its mysteries.”

The Boss quirked an eyebrow. Now this was different. Most of his boys didn’t like Science at all, finding it too intimate and clashing with their other interests. He sure could use someone like Hankyung to help the rest in their Biology studies. So, on to the final confirmation if this boy was suitable to train.

“Come here,” he ordered, Hankyung immediately standing up and rounding the table. The Boss swiveled his chair around, facing the young boy who stood with his head cast down at the floor. All of a sudden, he pulled Hankyung into his lap, long legs wrapped on either side of his hips. Hankyung gasped, the body warmth from the other man causing him to feel flustered.

The Boss lifted his hips, gently grinding against Hankyung. His hands slipped into the younger man’s jeans, caressing the soft skin he found there. Hankyung started moaning, enjoying the delicious friction between their crotches. His length started hardening, coming almost to a full hard.

“Kiss me,” The Boss said, passively demanding. And so Hankyung did, his tongue shyly peeking into the other man’s mouth, as the hands in his pants circled his hips. One large hand suddenly grasped his now-hard arousal, stroking it slowly and leisurely. Their lips were still locked, Hankyung moaning straight into their kiss.

Then, they broke away, all contact loss from each other. The Boss gently pushed Hankyung off his lap, letting him stand straight. He stood up as well, meeting the young boy in the eye. “Good, you’re good enough for a newbie,” he commended, “Welcome to Choi Academy.”

Hankyung beamed, happy that he was able to enroll. His length was still hard, but he didn’t care now, that he had finally found a new lease of life, away from everything he never wanted to experience again. The Boss planted a last kiss on his lips, before stepping away, “Jaejoong will come in and brief you about your new life here. He will also bring you to your new quarters and help you settle in.”

The Boss strode towards the large door, leaving to his next destination. “Wait!” Hankyung called out, running to the slightly taller man, “If it is in my place to do so, may I enquire your name? I know you’re The Boss, but I would like to know your name.”

The man smiled, “I’m Shiwon. Choi Shiwon.” Then he left.

Less than five minutes later, someone else came into the study. He was a little shorter than Hankyung, facial features pretty and well-chiseled. “You must be Hankyung,” he gushed, eyes twinkling, “I’m Jaejoong, your buddy and mentor.”

Hankyung bowed respectfully, only to be stopped by Jaejoong. “There’s no need for that,” he smiled, “We’re friends.” Holding out a set of clothing, Jaejoong suggested, “How about you change into this, while I tell you about myself and this place?”

Nodding, Hankyung took the set of clothing from Jaejoong, turning around to remove his own clothes. Jaejoong laughed, gentle and caring, “Now, now, there’s no need to be shy about your body. We’re all very open around here.”

Hankyung flushed, spinning back around. He pulled off his t-shirt, slipping into the one Jaejoong had brought for him. It was fitting, hugging his body, and Hankyung could see the other boy licking his lips. Then he unbuttoned his jeans, hesitating. He knew his arousal still hadn’t settled, and wasn’t it embarrassing to allow another man to see your unabashed hard-on?

From Hankyung’s hesitation, Jaejoong had already figured out what was wrong. He stepped closer, pulling the zipper down, “I know, Shiwon is one heck of a hot guy. Not your fault that you’re aroused.” And when his jeans fell to the floor, pooling at his ankles, Jaejoong took Hankyung’s arousal into his hand, stroking it hard and quick.

“Oh my gawd,” Hankyung gasped, racing towards orgasm. He came, opaque fluid covering Jaejoong’s hand. “I’m sorry,” he apologized, as Jaejoong waved it away, reaching for a tissue.

“It’s alright,” he grinned, wiping the come off his palm, “Always happy to help a fellow boy.” Hankyung thanked Jaejoong, stepping out of his jeans, pulling the other pair of pants on. It was a pair of lounge pants, much too loose, causing them to ride low on his hips. Hankyung momentarily wondered if everyone in the mansion dressed like this.

Jaejoong was also in a pair of lounge pants, similarly loose and precariously hanging on his slim hips. However, he was in a tank top, the sleeveless garment showing off his sculptured upper arms. “Hmm,” Jaejoong mused, “Usually we would have to tell newbie boys that undergarments aren’t at all needed around here, but you already don’t have the habit of wearing them, do you?”

Hankyung shook his head, picking up the clothes that lay on the floor. Jaejoong waited for him, striding towards the door. “I’ll bring you to your room, and I’ll tell you more about the academy on the way there.”

They stepped out into the hallway, walking side-by-side away from the study, towards the students’ part of the mansion. “So how about I tell you about myself first?” Jaejoong suggested, Hankyung nodding in agreement. “I’m Jaejoong, 19 this year, in my second year of University. I’m a Hospitality and Hotel Management major, Business Admin minor. I’ve been training since I was sixteen.”

Hankyung gazed at Jaejoong as they turned a corner, “Why did you come here?”

The older boy grinned wryly, letting out a small sigh, “You’re really frank, aren’t you?” Jaejoong shook his head at Hankyung’s attempt to apologise, explaining, “My family was poor, dad just abandoned us. My mum was trying to make ends meet, so I decided that coming here would mean they have one less mouth to feed.”

Jaejoong then shrugged, “I also wanted to further my education, and Shiwon pays for everything, that’s why I came.” Hankyung nods, mouth shaped in an ‘O’. So everyone had their own stories as to why they enrolled into Choi Academy.

“Anyway,” Jaejoong beamed widely, effectively changing the subject, “Choi Academy, as you know by now, trains teenage boys and girls to become Licensed Companions. Our curriculum consists of an all-rounded education, like academics, house management and sports. You get to choose what you want to study, and the school makes sure that you enroll into the best college there is. I heard you like Biology, right?” Hankyung nodded, understanding everything that Jaejoong was saying so far.

“Mm, that’s not really something that most people would choose,” the older boy commented, before returning to his introduction of the academy’s system, “So you will take the course that you like best in University, all paid for by Choi Academy. We also have in-house training for home management.”

Hankyung could see that the older boy was rather popular in school, their conversation usually getting broken as Jaejoong exchanged high-fives and greeted other boys along the hallway to the quarters. “We have fully-equipped sports facilities in the mansion, practically anything you can think of, we have,” he continued, walking up a flight of stairs to a landing.

“Alright, we’re here,” Jaejoong said, gesturing around, “This is our quarters. It’s shared between ten to twelve boys, split into four suites. There are about fifteen quarters altogether, which means we have approximately 150 to 170 boys in training.” Hankyung gazed around the place, finding four large wooden doors at the circumference of the semi-circled landing. He could hear loud noises behind the doors, evidence of youngster life. Jaejoong pointed to the one second from the right, “And that’s ours.”

Striding forward, Jaejoong pushed open the door, welcoming Hankyung in, “You’ll be sharing the suite with Yoochun and me. He’s your age, been here since he was sixteen as well. Don’t worry, you have your own room.”

The suite was homey, living area having a comfortable couch and a television set. It was designed contemporarily, the colour code beige, white and tones of brown. There was a sectioned off kitchenette, food items neatly shelved. Two doors led off the right side of the room, another two to the left.

Jaejoong sauntered in, dropping to the couch and kicking his shoes off. “That room’s mine,” he pointed to the room nearer to the main door on the right side, “And that one’s Yoochun’s.” He gestured to the door furthest from the kitchenette on the left side of the suite. “The one beside Yoochun’s room is the loo.” Jaejoong then proceeded to show Hankyung his room, which the latter found appealing to his tastes.

“YOOCHUN!” Jaejoong shouted, the man in question crossing the living area to Hankyung’s room, annoyed. A head poked in, hair tousled and clothes messy. “What?” Yoochun glared at his suite-mate, “I was halfway through my song!”

“Greet our new suite-mate, Chun,” the eldest boy instructed, Yoochun catching sight of Hankyung inside the room. He nodded his head in respect, coming into the room. Hankyung bowed in return, setting his clothes on the bed.

“I’m Yoochun,” he introduced himself, shaking Hankyung’s hand. Hankyung introduced himself in return, finding the other man intriguing, someone with his own passions and dreams. Yoochun had a charisma about him, that Hankyung found it hard to take his eyes off the older boy.

All of a sudden, there was a knock on the door of Hankyung’s room, Yoochun reaching out to pull it open. A petite boy stood there, wringing his hands, obviously nervous. “Um…” he started, snatching a glance at Jaejoong, “I asked Jaejoong-hyung earlier today if he could help me practise…”

The eldest got up from his seat on Hankyung’s bed, ambling over to the small boy. “Oh yeah,” Jaejoong smiled widely, “Keita, right? I’m sorry I forgot, Shiwon told me to help Hankyung settle in.” He motioned towards Hankyung, the two young boys nodding to each other. Jaejoong then wrapped an arm around Keita’s shoulders, pulling him close.

“Chun, talk to Hankyung, okay? Tell him more about what we do here and all,” he winked at Yoochun, leading Keita out of the room, “I’m going to give him tuition.”

The door then clicked shut, Jaejoong’s room door locked. Less than five minutes later, banging on the wall was heard, causing Hankyung to literally jump. Yoochun smirked, turning towards the younger man, “You mean you don’t know what we do around here? We’re all very open. Shiwon didn’t test you out before he enrolled you?”

Hankyung’s jaw dropped as he realized what Yoochun was talking about. The teasing that Shiwon had done to him was part-and-parcel of a LC’s job, he comprehended. And it wasn’t just teasing, it was literally sex. No wonder there was no need for underwear; it was more convenient to just hook up somewhere random in the mansion.

Yoochun, seeing the realization flash across Hankyung’s face, chuckled. He pulled his pants down, letting them bunch around his knees. Sitting down on the bed, he enquired, “Mind if I jerk off here?”

Hankyung paled.
Tags: c/s: licensed companions, p: hankyung/jaejoong/yoochun, p: lc/shiwon

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