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Licensed Companions TWO

At Choi Academy & Agency, we believe in the best. We believe in giving our customers only the very best; thus we train our boys and girls to be the best. They are cultivated to be all-rounded, excelling in all aspects of life – academically, socially, aesthetically, in sports and games, and in activities of the bedroom. Through perfecting a match between them and our customers, we give our boys and girls an opportunity to shower love and concern. We ensure that you will find someone who can be a friend, a companion, and a lover.

yunho/jaejoong; yoochun/junsu; hankyung/heechul.
in this part - slight jaejoong/yoochun; hankyung/jaejoong; jaejoong/shiwon.
romance, fluff, crack, smut.
overall NC17 for smut.

author's note - this chapter has KINKY SMUT. (: yes, you heard me right, kinky smut. yes, in chapter two, yes. ((: which can only mean there will be MORE in the following chapters yes. (: alrighty, I shall leave all of you to revel in the two (yes not just one kinky smut, but two smuts) smuts. I expect long long comments. and quotebacks are SO MUCH LOVE. <3


character gallery and profiles (not yet!).


Three months after Hankyung had enrolled into Choi Academy, he was settling in very well; mixing around with not only the other boys in their quarter, but also people he met around the mansion. Hankyung found comfort in the fully-equipped Biology laboratories, spending much time there doing experiments and immersing himself in what he loved. His other favourite haunt was the humongous swimming pools in the mansion’s sports complex, early morning dips refreshing him all the time.

Jaejoong and Yoochun had also become his closest friends in the academy, he spending majority of his time with them. They shared food and drinks, hugs and kisses becoming normal. However, Hankyung didn’t allow them to touch his body any more than what was needed to upkeep their platonic friendship; he still wasn’t so comfortable with the fact that these boys in the academy virtually had sex with anyone and everyone.

He would hear Jaejoong and Yoochun at it sometimes, late at night. The moans would reverberate through the walls, reaching his ears. Sometimes, Hankyung wondered if the true reason why he didn’t join them was because he didn’t want to, or whether he was just afraid that he wouldn’t perform up to their expectations.

Yoochun was getting slightly impatient with Hankyung, his charismatic personality naturally including skin-to-skin touch and intense physical contact. Jaejoong, on the other hand, always managed to tug Yoochun away when the younger man was on the brink of losing control, sending apologetic gazes towards Hankyung.

“I want to have sex with him!” Yoochun waved his hands about exasperatedly, trying to get his point across to Jaejoong. The older man nodded in acknowledgement, furrowing his eyebrows as he thought of a way to get Hankyung to open up even more.

“Chun,” he proposed, “How about I coax him into having sex with me first? Are you alright with that, or do you want to take him before anyone else does? I’m pretty sure he’s still a virgin.”

Yoochun shook his head, trusting Jaejoong. “No, you do it,” he pulled the older man into a bear hug, “But don’t you dare hurt him, or else…” And he cupped Jaejoong’s length, squeezing the head so tightly Jaejoong yelped in pain.



Hankyung spun around at the call, finding Jaejoong running up to him. He raised an eyebrow at the older boy in question, curious as to the fact that Jaejoong had come to the Biology laboratories to look for him. They usually left him alone to do his experiments and finish up assignments, waiting for him to leave before meeting up with him. Jaejoong stopped in front of Hankyung, hands on his knees as he recovered from the jog.

“Are you done yet?” Jaejoong stood up straight, taking a last deep breath before looking Hankyung in the eye. The younger boy nodded; he had just completed the last experiment for the day, and was ready to write his report back in their suite. Jaejoong smiled, “Want to go to the backyard with me?”

Hankyung tilted his head to the side. Why this all of a sudden? “But Jae-hyung, I have a report to do! Why can’t you get Chun to go with you instead?”

Jaejoong held out his hand, seeking Hankyung’s trust. “Chun’s stuck in his room composing again,” he clucked his tongue in slight disapproval, causing the younger boy to laugh. “Please?” Jaejoong beseeched, “I promise it’ll be fun.”

The younger boy sighed, placing his hand in Jaejoong’s, allowing his friend to pull him towards the back of the mansion.


Jaejoong and Hankyung strolled in the backyard, reveling in the simple peace of warm sunlight and green grass. The older boy spread his arms out wide, spinning a few circles. This movement led Hankyung to chuckle at his hyung’s child-like behaviour; happy that Jaejoong could find a place where he was carefree.

They came to a small pond at the far side of the backyard, filled with pretty fishes. Taking seats beside the pond, Hankyung and Jaejoong chatted lightly, laughing and smiling.

“So… Why did you want me to come here with you? Just to chat?” Hankyung inquired, still rather bewildered of the reason why Jaejoong invited him here. The older boy grinned, turning to Hankyung.

“I’m going to be frank with you, Hannie,” Jaejoong started, shifting closer to Hankyung so their faces were only a few inches away from each other. Hankyung gulped, then nodded. This wasn’t a bad sign, was it?

“I’m sure you know Yoochun has been wanting to have sex with you, Hankyung,” he continued, the younger boy silent, “Well, he simply cannot stand your unwillingness any longer. Neither can I.”

Hankyung shut his eyes, not wanting to believe what Jaejoong was saying. So did this mean Jaejoong wanted to have sex with him… Right here? Fear crept over him, but at the same time, there was another emotion… That of desire?

“I want to take you right here, Hannie,” Jaejoong confessed, confirming Hankyung’s worries. He wrapped his arms around Hankyung’s neck, whispering into his ear, “I really love you, Hankyung. So does Yoochun. Allow me, please?”

And for some reason or another, Hankyung agreed. Perhaps he really desired to know what it was like, or perhaps he trusted Jaejoong not to hurt him. The older boy pressed his lips against Hankyung’s, tongue swiping across the seam, seeking access.

Hankyung let his lips fall open, Jaejoong’s tongue immediately pushing in and caressing his own. It was the first time they had kissed like this, Hankyung normally breaking away once any tongues got involved. Jaejoong coaxed Hankyung’s own tongue out to play, teasing and sliding over the other, exploring his warm caverns.

The younger boy sighed when Jaejoong flicked his tongue against his palate, shivers running down his back. Jaejoong reached for the edge of Hankyung’s tank top, breaking their kiss to pull it over his head. Hankyung in return tugged Jaejoong’s thin t-shirt from his body, hands wrapping themselves around Jaejoong’s neck as the other man left his lips.

Jaejoong slowly traveled down Hankyung’s body, the latter falling back onto the warm grass. He licked and laved lovingly at the long tan expanse of his neck, letting saliva collect in the crevice of Hankyung’s collarbone. Moving downward, Jaejoong took a nipple into his mouth, sucking on it lightly as Hankyung moaned at the contact, back arching.

The older boy ran fingers over the other nipple, rubbing it so it turned hard, before caressing the taut abs. Jaejoong lay a kiss on the other boy’s sternum, letting his tongue run in a straight line towards the waistband of Hankyung’s loose sweats. He tipped his head up, Hankyung’s eyes half-lidded in the pleasure he was receiving. “May I?”

Hankyung placed his hands on Jaejoong’s shoulders, legs falling apart, “Yes.” And Jaejoong slid his hands into Hankyung’s pants, pulling them down leisurely. He removed them from Hankyung’s feet, setting them to a side. The younger boy blushed when Jaejoong set his attention at the crotch in front of him, a hand moving to cover the area.

Jaejoong gazed deep into Hankyung’s eyes, fingers encircling the younger boy’s wrist. “Please?” he begged, licking his lips. He moved Hankyung’s hand back onto his shoulder, dipping down to kiss the younger man’s tip.

A groan was elicited from Hankyung, the slight contact already making him more aroused than before. Jaejoong peeked out his tongue to lave at the head, moving slowly. Hankyung’s legs spread themselves even wider apart, the older man making himself comfortable between the long legs.

After a while of teasing, Jaejoong engulfed Hankyung’s arousal, causing the other man to yell out in pleasure. The hands on his shoulders tightened, Hankyung’s eyes now squeezed tightly shut. Jaejoong sucked intently, tongue licking at the underside as well.

Before long, Hankyung’s body tensed, hot come running down Jaejoong’s throat. When he recovered from orgasm, Hankyung opened his eyes, instantly gaping at Jaejoong, “Hyung, you swallowed?!”

“Yeah,” Jaejoong said, voice low and husky, “Why shouldn’t I?” And he smiled, full of love and lust.

Hankyung’s eyes drifted towards Jaejoong’s crotch, “What about you, hyung?”

Jaejoong waved Hankyung’s concern away, “I’m alright.”

“Come closer,” Hankyung sat up, reaching for Jaejoong’s pants. The older boy crawled into Hankyung’s lap, kissing him on the lips, “You sure you want to do this? I’m fine, you know.”

“No, I want,” he answered, catching Jaejoong’s lips again for another kiss, this time deeper. And then Hankyung slid Jaejoong’s lounge pants off his legs, taking his arousal into his hands.

Jaejoong let out a moan as Hankyung fisted him roughly, the hard strokes bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. And he came, opaque fluid covering Hankyung’s hand. Jaejoong smiled, pecking his friend on the lips once more in thanks.

“So…” Hankyung set his hand on the grass, trying to clean off the come discreetly, “Does this mean we’re lovers now?” Jaejoong chuckled, placing a hand on the nape of Hankyung’s neck to pull him closer.

“Well, if you want it to be, then yes,” Jaejoong licked Hankyung’s nose, leaving a wet spot on its tip. The younger man was momentarily stunned, before bursting out into laughter, tackling Jaejoong to the ground with tickles.

“Stop it!” the older boy squawked, pulling Hankyung flush against himself. “We have to include Chun in our love, okay?” he grinned, turning onto his side so Hankyung was lying on his side as well. Hankyung nodded, leaning in to give Jaejoong a last kiss.

Jaejoong yawned, all the thinking and execution of Plan Get-Hankyung-To-Have-Sex-With-Me making him worn out. Hankyung giggled, enveloping the older man in his embrace. “Let’s nap here, hyung,” he breathed, eyes sliding shut.

Jaejoong agreed, shutting his eyes as sleep overtook him.


“Well, well, what do we have here?”

The deep voice woke both Jaejoong and Hankyung from their nap, the younger man rubbing his eyes as he awoke. Jaejoong pulled himself into a seating position, recognizing the voice, “Shiwon!”

At this, Hankyung sat up with a start, eyes wide. He stared up at the figure looming over them. “Shiwon,” he gasped, blinking twice to make sure.

The Boss let out a laugh, tint of evil present. “Good, at least you two still know who I am,” he crouched down in front of the pair, turning his attention to Jaejoong. “Jaejoong-ah, I am pretty sure you know what you have done.”

Jaejoong dropped his head, staring at his lap. He knew both Hankyung and himself were naked, and they had been found sleeping nude beside the pond. Anybody would put two-and-two together, concluding that they had had sex out in the public. And that person would then report them to Shiwon… Who would come to take a look and decide on punishment.

“I do, Shi – M-Master,” he acknowledged, flushing dark red. Hankyung stared at his hyung, not understanding why Jaejoong was so embarrassed.

Shiwon grinned to himself. At least Jaejoong knew that he had done wrong, and was remorseful about it. The young boy’s addressing of ‘Master’, instead of simply ‘Shiwon’ showed that Jaejoong was repentant, and ready to accept punishment. He turned toward Hankyung.

“Hankyung, do you know what you have done wrong?”

The younger boy shook his head. He really had no clue. Shiwon let out another chuckle, shaking his head, “Jaejoong, you still haven’t explained to him all the rules, have you? What kind of a mentor are you?”

“Anyway,” he continued, “Hankyung will not receive punishment, since he does not even know what offence he had committed. Jaejoong, on the other hand…”

Hankyung watched, wide-eyed, as Shiwon took Jaejoong’s limp length into his hand, stroking it firmly. He grew hard, breathing becoming more and more shallow as Shiwon brought him closer to release. When Jaejoong was just about to come, The Boss pushed a bright red cock ring down his length, denying the boy orgasm.

Jaejoong panted, frustrated, though he knew that this was all part-and-parcel of the punishment he was going to receive. Shiwon stood up, tossing a white thong at Jaejoong. “Get dressed, but don’t wear your pants. Come to the punishment room within ten minutes.”

Jaejoong nodded, pulling the underwear on. Shiwon beckoned to Hankyung, “Come, Hankyung, follow me.”

Hankyung got up as well, sending his hyung concerned looks as Shiwon wrapped an arm around his shoulders, leading him away from the pond.

Jaejoong slipped into his t-shirt, picking up his lounge pants. The cock ring was still at the base of his arousal, thong pressing his length so tightly against his body it almost hurt. He took a deep breath, before heading back to the mansion.


Everyone stared at him as Jaejoong walked through the hallways, pointing and whispering. A boy or girl wearing a white thong meant that he or she was about to receive punishment; it was supposed to humiliate the person. And if it was a boy, there would be the presence of a cock ring, different colours meaning different degrees of wrongdoing. The red one adorning Jaejoong’s length meant that he had done something to the fourth degree of disgrace – the highest being fifth.

Jaejoong ambled as fast as he could towards the punishment room, as they termed it. He kept his eyes glued to the ground, thoroughly embarrassed. His cock was already dripping, staining the thong, making it even more difficult for him to walk properly and quickly.

It was slightly after ten minutes that he finally reached his destination. He knocked on the door, waiting for Shiwon’s call of ‘Come in’ before stepping into the room. Gazing around, Jaejoong found Hankyung sitting in an armchair at the far end of the room, eyes fearful and body tensed. Shiwon was standing in the middle of the room, hands on his hips, fully clothed.

“Take off your clothes, and bend over the back of that armchair,” he ordered, Jaejoong immediately acceding to his demands. He stripped, before kneeling on the seat of the armchair, arms hanging over the back.

Shiwon came behind him, not touching him, just standing in front of the armchair. “You do know that you took more than ten minutes to get here, don’t you?” Jaejoong nodded at the question, eyes squeezing shut as he almost anticipated what was to come. There was a whipping through the air, before Shiwon’s large palm landed solidly on his buttock.

Jaejoong let out a silent gasp at the spank, Shiwon repeating the action again and again. His ass felt like it was on fire, thoroughly assaulted. After the tenth smack, Shiwon relented, standing straight up again. Jaejoong’s buttocks were a bright red, leading The Boss to smirk.

Reaching for an item on the small coffee table beside the armchair, Shiwon squeezed lubricant on its tip, before leaning towards Jaejoong once more. One large hand pulled a fire-engine red butt cheek aside, Shiwon quickly thrusting the object deep into Jaejoong.

The young boy screamed as the toy was pushed all the way into him, without any preparation or warning. Vibrations started running up his spine, causing him to whimper. Shiwon really had it in for him this time.

Hankyung watched the events playing out in front of him, frozen in his position. He didn’t know much about Shiwon, but this was a side of him he had never heard of, let alone seen. And it made him frightened of the man, terrified of what he might do to Jaejoong.

“Get up,” The Boss said, spanking Jaejoong one last time. The boy got off the armchair, taking a few steps back towards the middle of the room. Shiwon sank into it, head resting comfortably in his palm. He grasped a small object in his other hand, flashing it to Jaejoong. Jaejoong knew what it was – the remote to that vibrator lodged inside him.

“Now, I want you to recite the house rules to me,” Shiwon smirked, flipping the vibrations up another level, “Start with the ones pertaining to sex.”

Jaejoong inhaled deeply, trying to take his mind off the vibrations driving him crazy. He racked his brain, not coming up with any of the rules that were memorized by heart. “What are you waiting for?” The Boss questioned, sending even stronger vibrations up Jaejoong’s body.

“One…” the young boy stammered, “S-sex is only limited to students’ quarters and the bedroom.”

“Good,” Shiwon nodded, “Keep going.”

“Two…” Jaejoong shut his eyes tightly, “Public sex is a dis – disgrace and will be rightfully punished.”

Shiwon’s face went grim. “Wrong,” he stated, turning the vibrations to the second highest level, “Try again.”

Jaejoong whimpered as the vibrations continually assaulted his prostate, then moaned out loud as a particularly strong one hit it dead on. “T-two…!” he squealed, “Sex is – is – cannot be a display of p-public affection!”

“WRONG!” Shiwon roared, flicking the switch to its highest. Jaejoong screamed, collapsing onto the carpet as he shook from the vibrations, mercilessly teased.

“Please, please! M-master!” he shrieked, sitting on his knees, shivering from the intense sensations, “Please, Master! I – I… Sorry, Master! Pl-please!”

His fingers gripped the soft cushion the armchair he was seated on, Hankyung wanting so much to save Jaejoong from Shiwon’s deadly claws. But he dared not move, dared not help, lest The Boss come at him as well. Shiwon had a rage in his eyes, an ignited fire that burned from within.

“Stand up!” he commanded, getting off the armchair. Jaejoong sobbed, finding just enough strength to pull himself into a standing position. Shiwon lowered a pair of metal handcuffs, attached to the ceiling by a chain, and secured them around Jaejoong’s wrists, making sure he couldn’t move.

The Boss then unbuckled his belt, circling the young boy to stand behind him. He roughly tilted Jaejoong’s head to the side, biting down hard on the skin exposed, a purplish-red mark forming. Shiwon stepped away, holding the buckle of his belt in one hand.

Raising the leather belt into the air, he brought it down harshly against Jaejoong’s back. Hankyung gasped along with Jaejoong, almost feeling the pain as well. Somehow or other, he was hard, but Hankyung’s concern for his hyung won over his arousal. Shiwon continued to whip Jaejoong with his belt, over and over. Jaejoong screamed until his throat turned hoarse, experiencing two dry orgasms in the midst of it.

Soon, Jaejoong’s whole back and ass were cherry red, thoroughly beaten up. Shiwon stopped his ministrations, throwing the belt to the carpet. He stepped flush against the young boy, chest to his back. Fingering the vibrator still in Jaejoong, Shiwon whispered menacingly, “Have you learnt your lesson, Jaejoong?”

Jaejoong moaned loudly, causing Hankyung to let out a soft whimper at the sound. It was so sexy. “Have you?! ANSWER ME!” Shiwon shouted, twisting at the toy up Jaejoong’s passage.

“Y-yes!” Jaejoong cried, tears running down his face, “Yes, Master, yes! I – I won’t do it ever again!”

“Good,” The Boss answered, tearing the vibrator out. Jaejoong screamed once more as Shiwon filled him all the way to the hilt, breaking into an animalistic speed without even allowing Jaejoong time to adjust.

Shiwon came in Jaejoong, hot fluid filling the young boy. He reached up above them, releasing Jaejoong’s hands as he pulled out of his entrance. Jaejoong instantly slumped to the carpet, too spent to care about the erection that was still pressing insistently against his belly. The Boss crouched down, slipping the cock ring from Jaejoong’s length.

“Hankyung,” he called, beckoning the boy over. The younger boy got up with a start, “Yes, sir!”

Shiwon chuckled. He had most likely just horrified the boy out of his wits. “Come over, I’m not going to bite,” he gestured, Hankyung slowly walking over to Shiwon and Jaejoong.

The Boss stood up from his crouched position, striding over to the coffee table. He tossed a tube of soothing cream towards Hankyung, before pulling up his pants and refastening his belt. “Tend to him, alright? Bring him back to your suite and put him to bed. The cream should soothe his passage, should there be any pain,” he instructed, before leaving the room.

Hankyung cradled his hyung against his body, hand closing over Jaejoong’s arousal. Quickly, he stroked, bringing the older boy to orgasm. Jaejoong found a meagre bit of strength to come, body tensing slightly as fluid ran down Hankyung’s hand, release weak but long.

Then Hankyung carried Jaejoong back to their suite, laying a grateful and consoling kiss to his forehead.
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