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Licensed Companions THREE

At Choi Academy & Agency, we believe in the best. We believe in giving our customers only the very best; thus we train our boys and girls to be the best. They are cultivated to be all-rounded, excelling in all aspects of life – academically, socially, aesthetically, in sports and games, and in activities of the bedroom. Through perfecting a match between them and our customers, we give our boys and girls an opportunity to shower love and concern. We ensure that you will find someone who can be a friend, a companion, and a lover.

yunho/jaejoong; yoochun/junsu; hankyung/heechul.
in this part - hankyung/yoochun andd jaejoong/yoochun.
romance, fluff, crack, smut.
overall NC17 for smut.

author's note - chapter three. ((: hope you like! ((: not really that much kink, but smut, yes. (: and we're one chapter closer to having the main pairings out already! spoiler - YunJae's coming out next chapter. ((: comments are love. <3


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Hankyung was strolling back to his quarters after a long afternoon of just hanging out with friends he had made around the mansion. It was a week after Jaejoong’s punishment, and they had grown even deeper in their friendship, Hankyung always looking out for the older boy. Yoochun had almost flared up when Hankyung had returned with a spent Jaejoong in his arms that evening, but took care of him in the best way he could, showering care and concern and tender loving kisses and cuddles.

Jaejoong had brushed off the whole incident the next morning, leaving Hankyung and Yoochun even more worried than before. The limping of the older boy, combined with Jaejoong’s uncharacteristic moodiness, were all signs that something was wrong, that he had been deeply hurt by the ordeal. And that night, Hankyung and Yoochun had coaxed him to making love, showing Jaejoong that they still loved him no matter what rules he had broken or mistakes he had made.

Hankyung was frightened of Shiwon, terrified that the man held so much power over all of them. He ordered boys to go to his quarters as he pleased, they usually returning with sore asses and ruined egos. But these boys always brushed their encounters with Shiwon off just like Jaejoong, knowing deep in their hearts that owners could really be this way, abusive and demanding. Shiwon was only preparing them for these harsh realities.

“Hankyung!” a voice called out from behind him just as his hand grasped the doorknob to their suite, he spinning around to meet the voice. It was Eeteuk, one of the other boys in his quarter as well. As far as Hankyung knew, Eeteuk was the eldest around here, already in his fourth year of University. The older boy had a grim look on his face, slightly unnerving.

“Yes, Teuk-hyung?” Hankyung enquired, letting go of the doorknob to face the older boy properly. Eeteuk held out a slip of paper to Hankyung, smiling wryly, “Shiwon demands your presence in his quarters tonight. He says it’s for a review test of what you’ve learnt.”

Hankyung immediately comprehended why the usually cheery Eeteuk was so tense, he was anxious for their newest quarter-mate. Taking the slip of paper from Eeteuk, Hankyung tried to smile reassuringly at the older boy, “Don’t worry, hyung, I’ll be fine.”

In actual fact, he didn’t even know if he would make it through the night, having seen and heard Shiwon’s abusive self right before his eyes. Eeteuk placed a hand on the younger boy’s shoulder, patting it lightly, “If you need any help, you could ask me, alright? I’ll be in my room.”

Hankyung nodded in acknowledgement, before turning back around and slipping into their suite. He read the slip of paper, Shiwon’s writing apparent on it.


Come to my quarters by 7pm tonight. Do not be late, or you will get punishment. I will be reviewing you on what you have learnt, pertaining to sex and seducing methods.

Since it is your first time visiting my quarters, I will allow you to prepare yourself before you come.

The Boss

“Sex and seducing methods…?” Hankyung murmured to himself incredulously. He racked his brains, wondering if Jaejoong and Yoochun had even taught him any seducing methods at all. Most of the time in the past week, they had just gotten down to the real thing like bunnies… So definitely no seducing. He scratched his head.

“How the hell am I going to seduce Shiwon?” he muttered, slightly frustrated and even more nervous at the fact that Shiwon was going to be testing him on something he had absolutely no clue of. Hankyung sank down onto their couch, reading the note again, before shutting his eyes, sighing.

“Hannie! I’m back!” Yoochun shouted as the door banged shut, normal for such a charismatic guy like him. He was loud all the time – yes, even in the bedroom – and embraced sound for what it was. Hankyung answered his friend, letting him know that he was lying on the couch. The slightly older boy strode over, gesticulating wildly.

“I finished my song today, Hannie!” he expressed, all smiles, “It sounded so wonderful and perfect in the recording room! And Seonsaengnim said he would burn me a CD for me to keep!”

Hankyung grunted softly in response, mind still fretting over his review test later that night. Yoochun caught sight of the slip of paper in the younger boy’s hand, snatching it from him. “What’s this?” he asked, as his eyes took in the words written on the paper.

“Oh…” Yoochun let out, eyes darting from the paper to Hankyung, and back to the note again. He sat down on the carpet beside Hankyung’s head, reaching out to run his fingers over the younger boy’s cheek. Hankyung sighed at the touch, snuggling slightly into it.

“You don’t know how to seduce someone, do you?” the older boy whispered, leaning towards Hankyung to plant a kiss on his lips. Hankyung shook his head, eyes still shut. Yoochun’s eyes brightened, an idea flashing through his mind.

“Want me to teach you?” he offered, Hankyung sitting up, surprised. The younger boy looked at him, biting his inner cheek, unsure. Yoochun grinned, standing up, “Come on, it’ll be fine.”

Two minutes later, Hankyung found himself sitting on Yoochun’s bed, the door shut. Yoochun was looking around his room, tapping a finger on his chin, “Hmm, I don’t think Shiwon’s room will have even a little similarity to mine, but we’ll just work with what we have, alright?” Hankyung nodded at the older boy’s comment, tucking his feet underneath himself Indian style.

Yoochun grinned, placing his hands on his hips. “Alrighty, Hannie, lesson one – Strip Tease,” he breathed, voice instantly dropping close to an octave lower. Hankyung shivered at that, it was Yoochun’s famous ‘bedroom voice’ going into action. The older boy crossed the room, pressing a button on his hi-fi.

Music blasted out of the speakers, beat steady and melody sexy. Yoochun stood at the foot of the bed, slowly undulating his hips according to the rhythm. He placed a hand behind his head, elbow beside his face, tossing Hankyung a smirk that immediately sent blood rushing towards the younger boy’s groin. Yoochun peeked out his tongue to lick sensually at his lips, hips never stopping their gyrating motion.

Hankyung was mesmerized, to say the least. By now, he was almost fully hard, even without Yoochun taking off any of his clothes. The older boy’s gaze never left his, hand traveling downward from his head to his neck. Yoochun caressed himself lightly, sighing at the feeling of being touched so softly.

Yoochun’s other hand lifted the hem of his cotton t-shirt, sliding in and running over the expanse of his tummy. Dipping his finger into his belly button, Yoochun gently teased the skin there, breathing growing slightly shallower. Unable to take his own teasing any longer, the older boy pulled his top off, leaving his torso exposed for Hankyung to see.

It wasn’t the first time Hankyung had seen Yoochun half-naked, but it was sure the first time he had seen Yoochun touch himself so carefully, playing with his own nipples and rubbing them into hard nubs. Hankyung wanted to reach out and run his palms over that amazing skin, to feel the muscles contract under his touch.

“You picking anything up, Hannie-yah?” the older boy inquired, voice even huskier than before, “If you don’t learn anything then I might as well stop now.” Hankyung shook his head, not wanting Yoochun to stop doing what he was doing. He was so aroused, so turned-on by his friend teasing him like that.

Yoochun stopped his dancing, causing Hankyung to groan. He grinned, crawling onto the bed beside the younger boy. “Your turn,” he leaned in to kiss Hankyung, quickly letting the other boy dominate, “Make me hard, Hannie, just by seeing you dance.”

Hankyung hesitated for a moment, before getting off the bed, music still pounding and sending heavy beats reverberating through the room. He stood at the foot of the bed like Yoochun did, dropping his hips once, then bringing them back to their original position. Unsure, he did it again, glancing at Yoochun for confirmation.

“Keep going, Hannie,” Yoochun murmured, “You’re good.” And Hankyung smiled, confidence rising as he did it one more time, adding a little thrust at the end. The action caused Yoochun to gasp, pants already tenting. Hankyung shifted his gaze towards the older boy’s pants, gaining more courage to go further.

And Hankyung tugged his tank top off in a single movement, hips still gyrating as best as they could. He let his fingers slip down his neck, running over his collarbone, before teasing his nipple. Letting his eyes slide shut from pleasure, Hankyung moaned softly as he fingered his nipples into perky nubs, almost arching into his own touch.

He dipped his fingers gradually towards the edge of his sweats, eyes opening to gaze at Yoochun once more. “Can I, Chun?” he asked, fluttering his eyelids slightly in plead. Yoochun nodded, inhaling a deep breath as he slid a hand into his own pants.

Hankyung caught Yoochun’s action, stopping his hip-swiveling at once. The older boy whimpered a little, wanting to see more of Hankyung’s body, wanting to sigh contentedly at Hankyung pleasuring himself. “Don’t touch yourself, Chun-ah,” he ordered, passively demanding. And Yoochun took the hand in his pants out, resting it beside himself.

The younger boy, pleased, started his dancing again. He hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his sweats, leisurely pushing them from his long legs. They pooled around his ankles, Hankyung kicking them aside. His fingers then ran down his length, from base to tip, and back to the base again.

Moaning at the feeling of having his own fingers on himself, Hankyung stroked, firmly, yet not bringing himself immediately to orgasm. He continued to buck his hips into his hands occasionally, squeezing the tip lightly, letting groans fall past his lips. Yoochun could only lick his lips, panting at the sight, unable to relieve himself.

Then Hankyung ceased his movements once more, leading Yoochun to moan and whimper. “What should I do after I do this, Chun?” the younger boy enquired, consulting Yoochun like before.

“Huh…?” Yoochun muttered, mind almost blank from arousal. He blinked a few times to clear his mind, before crooking a finger towards Hankyung, “C-come over and continue to tease me. Touch me, but not where I want it.”

Hankyung nodded. That he could do. He had seen Jaejoong sometimes tease Yoochun to the brink of insanity, ministrations causing the boy to groan and beg Jaejoong to do something else other than tease. He crawled towards Yoochun on all fours, making sure his hips swayed as much as they could, enticing the older boy.

“Hannie!” Yoochun almost cried, brain clouding over again, “Touch me, touch me please…” And Hankyung unhurriedly peeled the pants from Yoochun’s legs, pushing them only to his knees. He dipped his head down, flicking a tongue out to caress Yoochun’s tip lightly. The older boy sighed, bucking his hips up, wanting more.

Hankyung grunted, irritated, before placing his hands firmly on Yoochun’s hips, immobilizing them. The older boy whined at his actions, squirming a little, trying to get Hankyung to engulf him into those hot caverns. “Hannie… Hannie, Hannie please…”

The younger boy flicked out his tongue again, running it over the head and lightly sucking on it. Insistent on not fully taking Yoochun into his mouth, Hankyung continued to tease, placing kisses and licks and laves on the hard flesh. Yoochun writhed more than before, mercilessly teased.

When Hankyung finally decided he had had enough, he swiftly engulfed Yoochun’s length, sucking hard. Hollowing his cheeks, Hankyung hummed, knowing both the vibrations running up his arousal and the simple sound of it would make Yoochun go crazy. And Yoochun did, screaming out at the sensations as he came, fluid running down Hankyung’s throat.

Hankyung was still hard, but he was happy that Yoochun had been brought to orgasm because of his ministrations. He sat on the bed, allowing the older boy to recover from his high before asking, “How did I do?”

Yoochun nodded weakly, holding up a hand to give Hankyung a thumbs-up. The younger boy beamed widely, “You think Shiwon will like it?”

Pondering over that question, Yoochun answered, “I think you’ll have to tease him for a longer period of time… And be more…” He rubbed his chin, “More seductive, I guess. Enjoy touching yourself… And don’t touch him.”

Hankyung agreed, then remembered the last line of Shiwon’s note, “Oh yeah, Chun, I have to prepare myself!”

Yoochun let out a sigh, “Do you want me to leave?” He was slightly apprehensive that if he saw Hankyung prepare himself, he would become hard all over again.

Hankyung shook his head, tilting it towards the carpet, “I was actually wondering… If you could prepare me.”

The older boy squawked. Okay, he was really going to get aroused once again. Hankyung held out his hand, passing a tube of lube to him. Yoochun sighed, unscrewing it, pouring a liberal amount onto his fingers.

“Alright, Hannie, you ready?” Yoochun looked up from his fingers, finding Hankyung already positioned on the bed, kneeling. He gulped, finding himself getting hot from the vulnerable position the younger boy was in. Yoochun slowly approached Hankyung, rubbing against the pucker between his butt cheeks.

Hankyung keened in his throat, the sound causing Yoochun to gasp as he became hard again. “Chun, just – just do it,” he murmured, Yoochun immediately pushing one finger inside, pumping in and out.

When Hankyung started forcing himself back onto Yoochun’s finger, the older boy slid two more inside, marveling at how Hankyung was still so tight after continuous nights of sex. “Ahh, Hannie,” he moaned, “You’re still so tight… Want to fuck you…”

Hankyung groaned as well, lifting his hips up and down as to push Yoochun’s fingers deeper into himself. They scissored, stretching and preparing him perfectly. Before long, Yoochun pulled his fingers out, restraining himself from jumping Hankyung.

“Hannie-yah,” he uttered, grabbing a tissue to wipe the lube off his fingers, “I think you should go quickly, otherwise I’ll end up jumping you and you’ll be late for your review test. I don’t want you to be punished by Shiwon.” Hankyung nodded in agreement, slipping off the bed to pull on his clothes.

He leaned in, lightly kissing Yoochun, tongues sliding lovingly against each other. “Thank you, Chun-ah,” Hankyung whispered, pecking the older boy on the lips once last time. He ran a finger down Yoochun’s arousal, furrowing his eyebrows, “I’m sorry I can’t help you relieve this time.”

“That’s alright,” Yoochun beamed, “Jae-hyung should be back anytime soon, and I can always lure him into doing it for me.” Hankyung smiled, strolling towards the door, “Wish me luck.”

Yoochun waved Hankyung goodbye, “All the best, Hannie.”

And Hankyung left, taking a deep breath as he made his way towards Shiwon’s quarters.


Jaejoong quietly pushed the door of their suite open, not wanting to disturb either Yoochun or Hankyung, who should have been studying at this time. Instead, he was met with the sight of his life, bag dropping to the carpet as the door slid shut of its own accord. “Whoa.”

Yoochun was lying – in all his naked glory – Cleopatra-style on the couch, sending naughty smirks in Jaejoong’s direction. He whined at Jaejoong’s surprised reaction to his position, writhing a little, “Hyung… Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for almost an hour now!”

The older boy slowly strode over to Yoochun, eyes wide and filled with lust. “Where’s Hannie?” he asked, stopping a few steps from the couch. Yoochun moaned, annoyed, shifting his legs slightly so Jaejoong could get a better view of his crotch.

Jaejoong almost came in his sweatpants when he saw a cock cage fastened tightly around Yoochun’s arousal, effectively stopping the younger boy from bringing himself to orgasm. Yoochun turned over, lying on his back, “Hannie has a review test on in Shiwon’s quarters. I taught him a few things about seduction… And he left me like this.”

“He put a cock cage on you?!” Jaejoong gaped; he’d never thought Hankyung was so kinky as to restrain Yoochun! The younger boy shook his head, grimacing at the pressure the cage was putting on his length, “I did it myself. Wanted to keep myself hard till you came back and did me.”

Nodding in reply, Jaejoong tilted his head to the side, a mischievous smile lacing his lips, “What makes you so sure I’ll do you?”

Yoochun pouted, “If you don’t do me then I’ll have to use the vibrator on myself.”

Jaejoong grinned, “I’d actually like to see that.”

The pout grew. Yoochun stood up, meeting Jaejoong’s gaze straight in the eye. He leaned in to kiss the other boy deeply, successfully stealing his breath away and making Jaejoong lose control. Clothes were soon lost from Jaejoong’s self, Yoochun pressing himself flush against the older boy.

Jaejoong sighed at the feeling of cool metal against his hardened length, grinding down against Yoochun. He pushed the younger boy back onto the couch, lying over him, continuing his incessant ministrations. Yoochun moaned at the feeling of Jaejoong touching him everywhere, caressing him lightly and in all the places that mattered.

The older boy pulled away, totally breaking contact between the two of them. Yoochun whimpered at the loss of skin-to-skin touch, reaching up to tug Jaejoong back against himself. Jaejoong stood up, “I’ll go get the vibe.”

Yoochun felt shivers run down his spine. Jaejoong was taking his words seriously. The older boy returned after disappearing into his room, a long and thick object in his hand. Squeezing lube over it, Jaejoong handed the toy to Yoochun, settling himself down on the opposite couch.

“Come on, do it,” he encouraged, Yoochun sighing. The younger boy got onto his knees, butt lifting slightly so he could reach himself more easily. Yoochun let out a groan as he slid the vibrator into himself, passage already slick from the preparation he had done before Jaejoong arrived back.

Jaejoong stared, gaze heavy with lust as the vibrator was switched on, Yoochun panting from the sensations coursing through his body. A hand moved to cup his metal-bound length, fisting roughly. His other hand pulled the toy out of himself, before pushing it back in all the way, causing Yoochun to moan again.

Yoochun was pumping himself to orgasm, finding it barreling towards him. He tugged the vibrator in and out of himself as fast as he could; hand running over his caged arousal. Yoochun spun to Jaejoong, crying, “Hyung, let me come!”

Jaejoong watched as Yoochun experienced dry orgasm, the younger boy shaking from its intensity. He moved over to the couch Yoochun was kneeled on, reaching behind him to flick the switch even higher. Jaejoong grabbed the lube, quickly pumping fingers in and out of himself, intent on pleasuring Yoochun as much as possible.

The older boy pushed Yoochun onto his back, pinning his hands on either side of his head. Yoochun moaned from the vibrations that continuously assaulted his prostate, now immobilized and unable to do anything to help himself. Jaejoong held Yoochun’s wrists in one hand, the other slipping down to his arousal, releasing it from its confines.

Yoochun sighed at the cool air that ran across his cock once more, length already red and dripping. Jaejoong positioned himself just above the younger boy’s abdomen, gradually impaling himself onto Yoochun’s erection. The sudden action caused Yoochun to scream, sensations doubled as Jaejoong started riding his cock.

Jaejoong lifted himself up and down, Yoochun’s length disappearing in and out of his body. He shifted a little, directly hitting his prostate, causing him to groan in delight. And then he broke into a primal race for orgasm, Yoochun thrusting his hips up to meet Jaejoong’s harshly.

They came, Jaejoong moaning at the sensation of Yoochun filling him, own come splattering over their chests. Yoochun panted hard, thoroughly spent from the delicious orgasm. Jaejoong let Yoochun leave himself, falling onto the couch as well.

“You really tempt me, you know?” Jaejoong heaved, running a hand through his come decorating Yoochun’s torso. The younger boy grinned, sitting up to kiss Jaejoong.

“I know,” Yoochun whispered, breaking away. He ran a hand through Jaejoong’s sweaty hair, “But you love being tempted, don’t you?”

Jaejoong grunted, tackling Yoochun with tickles and accusations of, “Now you’re tempting me again.”

And one can only imagine how they spent the rest of their night, waiting for Hankyung to return.
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