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Licensed Companions FOUR

At Choi Academy & Agency, we believe in the best. We believe in giving our customers only the very best; thus we train our boys and girls to be the best. They are cultivated to be all-rounded, excelling in all aspects of life – academically, socially, aesthetically, in sports and games, and in activities of the bedroom. Through perfecting a match between them and our customers, we give our boys and girls an opportunity to shower love and concern. We ensure that you will find someone who can be a friend, a companion, and a lover.

yunho/jaejoong; yoochun/junsu; hankyung/heechul.
in this part - shiwon/hankyung and the long awaited hankyung/jaejoong/yoochun. (no actual smut though; SORRYY.)
romance, fluff, crack, smut.
overall NC17 for smut.

author's note - alright, on popular demand, I have included Hankyung's review test with Shiwon! (: so this chapter is actually totally out of my planning, I just added it in on impulse. which means that YunJae will only come in next chapter. ((: wait for it! (: also, there is JaeHanChun here, but no sex. unfortunately. :/ just... comments please? ((: <3


character gallery.


Hankyung stood gingerly outside the large wooden door, feelings mirroring those he had when first arriving at the mansion almost four months ago. He wondered what the room on the other side of the door held for him; wondered if the review test would go well. It was getting late, he decided, and Shiwon would most definitely not be pleased if he reported after the designated time. Raising a fist up to the door, Hankyung knocked, shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

“Come in,” a voice rang out from behind the closed door, Hankyung immediately pushing it open and stepping in. He glanced at the clock on the far wall; he was just on time. Gazing around the room, Hankyung found it was rather brightly lit, compared to the punishment room. There was also a bed set against a wall, full-length windows right across the foot of the bed. The drapes were pulled shut, lamps and an overhead light giving sufficient light to the room.

Shiwon was sitting with his back against the headboard, spectacles perched neatly on his nose. A book lay open in his large hands, legs stretched out in front of him. Hankyung took a few steps towards the bed, unsure and slightly apprehensive. The Boss only smiled amiably at the young boy, beckoning him over.

“You’re on time,” Shiwon commented as Hankyung crawled onto the bed, taking a seat beside his knee. The young boy had his legs crossed under him Indian style, head dipped a little as he nodded in acknowledgement. Shiwon beamed. This boy was going to be a wonderful Licensed Companion; he was so submissive and agreeing.

“I have a reward for you, Hankyung, since you’re so punctual,” he continued, the young boy lifting his head to give him a questioning gaze. Shiwon chuckled, before shutting his book and taking off his spectacles, laying them on the nightstand. He pulled open the top drawer, taking out an item. Shutting the drawer, Shiwon hid it behind his back before Hankyung could catch a proper glimpse.

“Now take off your clothes,” he instructed, Hankyung instantly complying, “And get on your hands and knees, butt facing me.” Hankyung did as Shiwon said, offering his buttocks to him. And The Boss grinned, further cementing his hypothesis that the young boy would be an amazing Licensed Companion. He was already showing off the qualities of one even after only three months of training.

Shiwon pulled aside a well-formed butt cheek, pushing a long finger inside. Hankyung gasped at the intrusion, but made no other sound. Pumping his finger in and out, Shiwon found that indeed, Hankyung had prepared himself before reporting for his test, and well. He removed his finger, causing Hankyung to whimper softly at the loss.

Grinning again, Shiwon grasped the item firmly, pushing it into Hankyung in one fluid motion. The young boy let his mouth hang open as he felt his muscles stretch almost impossibly wide, clamping around the base of the toy. Shiwon twisted the toy slightly, before patting Hankyung’s buttock, signaling that the deed was done.

The tip of the toy was bulbous, rubbing against Hankyung’s prostate whenever he moved. Hankyung got into a sitting position again, pressing the object even further into himself. Shiwon made himself comfortable against the headboard, “How about we start the test?”

Hankyung nodded, sliding off the bed to stand. He was naked, cock already half hard from the butt plug in his ass. Walking as normally as he could to the foot of the bed, Hankyung took a few deep breaths, calming himself down. Gazing at Shiwon, he asked, “Do you have a stereo here?”

The Boss raised an eyebrow, but nodded, pointing to a far corner of the room where a small player sat. Hankyung crossed to it, pressing the ‘Play’ button. Instantly, he launched into a dance, gyrating his hips sexily.

Making his way leisurely over to the bed, Hankyung reminded himself to accentuate the movements of his hips, adding a thrust every few dips. The butt plug incessantly teased his prostate with every move, but he had to do this, he had to. No one knew what Shiwon would do to him if he didn’t perform as well as he was expected to.

Shiwon let out an appreciating sigh; this boy was good! He could already tell from the moment Hankyung had enquired if he had a stereo that he had picked up some tips from Yoochun, the older boy being one of the few in the mansion to actually striptease properly. Hankyung had added some of his own flavour into his dance, Shiwon very much in favour of giving him a high score.

Hankyung spun around, showing off his rounded butt cheeks to Shiwon, teasing him. He shook his ass, causing the butt plug to press up against his prostate, leading him to moan loudly. Shiwon could feel the blood rushing into his groin, the boy had learnt wonderful tactics from his suite-mates. The moan was just about as sexy as Jaejoong’s, and similarly arousal-inducing.

“Come here,” he called, “Switch off the player first.” Hankyung stopped his undulating moves, striding over to the stereo to turn it off, before arriving back at the foot of the bed. Shiwon smiled, inviting him to sit, which Hankyung did.

“It seems like you’ve picked up a good number of seducing methods from Jaejoong and Yoochun, eh?” Shiwon questioned, tone friendly, not reprimanding. Hankyung nodded in agreement, blush creeping onto his cheeks. His length was fully hard now, pressing up against his tummy so apparently.

“That’s good,” The Boss continued, reaching out to pull Hankyung closer to himself. The boy landed between his legs, crevice caressing the hard-on he was already sporting. Hankyung gasped at the sudden movement, finding himself in Shiwon’s lap, the man’s arousal rubbing against his buttocks. He was glad that he had made Shiwon hard with just a simple dance, but frankly, he had no time to celebrate that right now.

Shiwon’s fingers closed around his length, firmly fisting the young boy. Hankyung’s breathing grew shallow, perspiring a little as he was brought closer and closer to orgasm. When he was about to come, Shiwon pulled his hand away, leaving Hankyung frustrated with the lack of release.

“Alright, suck my cock,” Shiwon ran his fingers over Hankyung’s tummy, dipping one into his belly button. Hankyung gulped, recovering from his almost-orgasm, before spinning around, tugging Shiwon’s pants off. He tentatively licked at the tip, hand grasping the base and lightly stroking.

Shiwon seemed not to be showing any signs of enjoying or disliking Hankyung’s ministrations, only deep breathing giving him away. Hankyung beamed around the head of Shiwon’s length, tongue laving at the underside. Unhurriedly, he engulfed the whole length into his mouth, jaw dropping when the tip hit the back of his throat, letting it slide even further in. And he just stayed there, not moving, glancing up at Shiwon.

The Boss furrowed his eyebrows, wondering why the young boy was not doing anything other than just taking him in to the hilt. Those warm caverns were very enticing, pleasing to him. Shiwon caught Hankyung’s inquiring gaze, realising that the boy was waiting for him to give the get-go. Nodding, Shiwon threaded his fingers into Hankyung’s dark hair, controlling the pace of Hankyung’s cock-sucking.

Hankyung let his tongue run over Shiwon’s arousal, sucking and caressing it. His eyes never left Shiwon’s, every slightest expression flitting across the man’s face encouraging him on. He retreated to the tip, placing kisses all over its head, cheeks hollowing as he sucked hard. Shiwon almost gasped at that action, hands in Hankyung’s hair tightening their grip.

“Mm, you’re good,” he could not help but compliment, the boy really deserving of his praise. Hankyung could feel his heart bursting with joy at that sentence, he knowing that The Boss was enjoying his deeds. Moving even faster, and sucking even harder, Hankyung brought Shiwon near release, the man breathing shallowly as he came. Hankyung swallowed the opaque fluid running down his throat, smiling as Shiwon recovered from his high.

“I’m giving you an A,” Shiwon grinned, leaning down to plant a kiss on Hankyung’s lips. The young boy was elated, face almost glowing from happiness. Catching Hankyung’s arousal in his grasp once more, Shiwon stroked the boy to orgasm, come exploding over his hand and the boy’s abdomen. “Now go back to your quarters. Your test’s done.”

Hankyung bundled off the bed once he was breathing normally again, hurriedly tugging his clothes back on. Jaejoong and Yoochun had to know of this, they had to! Shiwon chuckled at the young boy’s movements, waving as he disappeared from the room.


“Jae-hyung! Chun!” Hankyung burst through the door to their suite, glancing around the living area. Empty. Then he heard a loud groan from inside Jaejoong’s room, striding over at once. Pushing the door wide open, he found Jaejoong and Yoochun inside the room, naked.

Hankyung’s eyes widened. No, it wasn’t because his two best friends were having sex – he’d seen them go at it so many times before – it was because of the utter… Kinkiness of the situation. Yoochun’s arms and legs were tied to each corner of the bed, effectively spreadeagled. Jaejoong stood at the foot of the bed, plastic whip in hand as he glared at the younger boy.

“Hyung…?” Hankyung whispered, slightly afraid. Jaejoong snapped out of his daze, smiling at the youngest boy. “Hannie! You’re just in time,” gesturing towards Yoochun, he clucked his tongue, “Chun was tempting me the whole night, what with me returning to him having a cock cage fastened around himself, then luring me into doing him… Then luring me into fucking him again… At least three or four times over. So now he has to be punished.”

Jaejoong added a firm nod at the end of his explanation to emphasize his point, Hankyung feeling a chill running up his spine. The eldest boy was staring at him, thoughts running through his mind at a rapid speed. “Hyung…?” Hankyung murmured another time, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

There was no answer, Jaejoong only planting his lips securely against Hankyung’s, coaxing his tongue out to play. They kiss passionately, tongues playing with each other in an erotic samba. Jaejoong reached for Hankyung’s top, breaking their kiss momentarily to pull it over the younger boy’s head. And then he slid his fingers into Hankyung’s pants, tugging them off as well.

Yoochun was staring wide-eyed at his two lovers making out, Jaejoong thrusting his tongue deep into Hankyung’s mouth, exploring it intently. He could feel his cock grow even harder at the sight, Hankyung’s arms wrapping themselves around Jaejoong’s neck as the older boy caressed his back. Jaejoong’s hands slipped downwards, finding the toy still inside Hankyung.

“What’s this?” Jaejoong let out as they separated, Hankyung panting. Fingering the butt plug still in the youngest boy, Jaejoong’s eyes clouded over in arousal, comprehending everything. Hankyung had most likely received this from Shiwon; he having been rewarded one as well, back when he was younger. And the youngest boy, being the easily excited person he was, had most likely bounded back from Shiwon’s quarters right after his test had concluded, totally forgetting the toy that was still in his passage.

Hankyung realized what Jaejoong was talking about, finally remembering that the plug was still caressing his prostate with every movement. He had been too caught up with wanting to tell Jaejoong and Yoochun about his score, that he had completely ignored the tingling sensation running up his spine as he ran back to their suite. Jaejoong stepped away, “So how did you do, my dear Hannie?”

“I got an A,” he grinned in reply, Jaejoong immediately enveloping him in a hug. They kissed again, this time less aroused than before, more loving and sweet.

Jaejoong broke away, reaching for the whip laid on the bed, “I still have to punish Chun.” Hankyung nodded, reaching behind himself to pull out the butt plug.

“You want to help?” the eldest boy asked, turning his gaze towards Hankyung again. The youngest boy was caught by surprise at that question, his jaw dropping slightly as he pointed to himself. “Yes, you,” Jaejoong chuckled, holding his hand out for the plug. Hankyung gave it to Jaejoong, shaking his head.

“How about… I just watch,” he suggested, cocking his head to the side, “Then when I feel ready to help, I’ll join in.” Jaejoong agreed, Hankyung pulling a chair over and sinking into it.

The eldest boy returned his attention to the boy sprawled out on the bed. “So… Chun,” he started, “Do you want Hankyung’s plug – which is still warm, by the way, ooh – or would you rather something else?” Yoochun darted his eyes around, not really sure of what to answer. Jaejoong hadn’t gagged him for a reason, he knew.

“Answer me, Chun-ah,” Jaejoong prodded, climbing onto the bed to lay lengthwise against Yoochun, their arousals rubbing against each other. The eldest boy fluttered kisses all over Yoochun’s neck and torso, fingers coming up to play with the nubs. He grinded harshly onto the younger boy once more, demanding a reply. Yoochun only moaned, writhing a little as he sought more friction.

Jaejoong sighed, getting off Yoochun to grab a box set on his desk. Hankyung recognized the shoebox as the one where Jaejoong kept all his toys in, and grinned. So much for Yoochun being a tease. The eldest boy dropped the butt plug still in his hands into the box, before pulling out another toy.

Yoochun’s gaze grew startled and slightly terrified when Jaejoong smirked, flashing the toy to him. Even Hankyung had sucked in a deep breath, eyes sliding almost shut as he was grateful that he wasn’t the one spreadeagled on the bed. Jaejoong advanced towards Yoochun, spinning the toy between his fingers playfully.

All three of them knew what the toy would do to Yoochun, most likely leaving him unable to orgasm for the next few days. It was healthy to do so, though, Hankyung understood, and Shiwon had proposed that they do it once in a while to upkeep their prostate health. However, Jaejoong was pretty much intent on torturing Yoochun with the toy, then causing him to be denied orgasm for at least a few days.

Pushing the toy deep into Yoochun, Jaejoong made sure it was at the correct position, before releasing the squirming Yoochun. “Don’t you dare take it out, Chun-ah,” he warned, “It’s your punishment for teasing me the whole night… And besides, it’s time to milk, this month.”

Yoochun groaned, the toy pressing up against his prostate. There was no way he could get out of this predicament, though, Jaejoong was fixed on making him go through the torture. “Put on your clothes, we’re going out for a walk,” the oldest boy instructed, both Yoochun and Hankyung obeying his orders.

They strolled around the mansion, stopping to chat with other boys as they walked. Hankyung kept stealing glances at Yoochun, finding the slightly older boy starting to amble with certain difficulty. He poked Jaejoong in the ribs, signaling to him that Yoochun was about to go into spasms soon, and the oldest boy understood, leading them back to their suite.

Yoochun could feel a certain tingling in his groin area, an onset of numbness as soon as they arrived back at their suite. He was already half hard, and could not help but sink into their couch, moaning softly. Jaejoong whacked his thigh as he sat down, “The thirty minutes aren’t up yet. Go get some drinks for Hankyung and myself.”

Hankyung took a seat on the couch as Jaejoong switched on their small television, glancing at Yoochun as he lightly limped towards the kitchenette. “Hyung, you think he’ll be alright?” he inquired, concern laced in his voice. Jaejoong turned towards the younger boy, leaning in to place a peck on his lips. “Chun will be fine.”

The boy returned with two drinks in his hands, handing them to his best friends. Yoochun tensed as spasms racked through his body, erection fully hard. “Hyung…” he let out, starting to breath shallowly. Jaejoong stood up, setting his drink on the coffee table, before striding towards his room, “Come.”

Once they were in the room, Jaejoong made Yoochun take off his clothes, lying him down on his right side. “You know what you should do, right, Chun?” he questioned, “Or do you want me to do it for you?” The younger boy made no response, only whimpering as Jaejoong took matters into his own hands.

Lifting a leg, the oldest boy pulled Yoochun’s scrotum back. He then put the leg back down, effectively tucking Yoochun’s scrotum between his legs, pulling his testicles away from his penis. Yoochun moaned again, loudly, tingling and increased numbness overwhelming his genitals.

“You should get your prostate milked more often, Chun-ah,” Jaejoong commented, taking a seat beside Yoochun on the bed, “Then you won’t be so horny and always demanding orgasm.” Running a hand over Yoochun’s back, Jaejoong fiddled with the base of the prostate massager protruding between Yoochun’s butt cheeks. He then reached for the book he had left on the nightstand, flipping to the page where he had left off reading.

Hankyung came into the room about fifteen minutes later, drink finished and feeling nosy. Yoochun was hugging a pillow tightly to himself, biting on the edge of it to stifle some of his reverberating moans and groans. The massager was causing nearly intense contractions in his tummy and groin area, leading him to cry out every few minutes. Jaejoong was ignoring the younger boy, focusing on the book he was reading.

Ten minutes after, Jaejoong glanced at his alarm clock, before squeezing Yoochun’s biceps. He gestured for Hankyung to come over and help him move Yoochun onto all fours, pillow laid under his head. The boy was still moaning, tears already starting to run down his cheeks as the spasms grew very intense, causing utter discomfort and almost pain.

Hankyung wanted to stop Jaejoong from pushing Yoochun any further, to pull the massager out of Yoochun so he wouldn’t feel any more torture, but Jaejoong laid a comforting hand on his arm, silencing him. “It’s too late to stop, Hannie,” he muttered, watching Yoochun shake slightly at the contractions, “He’ll be even more hurt if we stop now.”

They stood quietly, monitoring Yoochun as he continued to let out moans and yells at the irritation, Jaejoong looking at his alarm clock now and then. After approximately fifteen minutes, Jaejoong approached Yoochun, calling to Hankyung, “Hannie, I’ll need your help. He’s highly overwhelmed.”

Hankyung stood by the bed, Jaejoong on the other side of Yoochun as they lifted him into an upright position. The youngest boy’s hands instantly supported Yoochun in that stance, while Jaejoong started to shift his hips back and forth. Yoochun also put in a slight amount of energy to rotate his hips, even with the powerful spasms in his groin area.

As Jaejoong rocked Yoochun’s hips back and forth, come started spilling out of Yoochun’s length, a steady flow of opaque fluid covering the sheets. Hankyung was slightly amazed, never having actually seen anyone use the prostate massager to milk before, only knowing that the boys did it once every few months. The release continued for some minutes, after which Yoochun slumped into Hankyung’s embrace at once, spent and exhausted.

Jaejoong reached behind Yoochun, gently tugging the prostate massager out of him. He kissed the younger boy, tongues softly sliding over each other. “It’s a punishment, Yoochun, but it’s also for your own good,” he murmured, as Hankyung and himself moved the boy into a lying position, eyes sliding shut from fatigue.

The eldest boy sighed as Hankyung draped himself over him, both gazing at the sleeping Yoochun. “I’ll sleep in Chun’s room tonight,” Jaejoong said, Hankyung nodding. They left the room, but not before kissing each other and Yoochun one last time, bidding each other ‘Good night’.

Jaejoong crawled into Yoochun’s bed, running a hand over his arousal. Yoochun being in such a submissive and helpless position turned him on, and he stroked himself to orgasm, cleaning off his come with tissue paper. He then sighed one last time, hoping he hadn’t hurt or affected Yoochun too much, before drifting off to sleep.
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